“Álvaro Blancarte” Art Room

Space designed by architect Jaime Brambila, built exclusively to house this gallery, as part of the architectural complex of the UABC Community Center Tijuana campus. It occupies an area of ​​520 m², has a lobby, mezzanine and room with 130 linear meters of walls for temporary exhibitions. It began operations under the name Sala de […]

“Rubén García Benavides” Art Room

The “Rubén García Benavides” Art Room is located in the Community Center of the Central Unit of the UABC, Mexicali Campus. It was built during the rectorship of Alfredo Félix Buenrostro Ceballos, as a meeting point to strengthen communication between students. It occupies an area of ​​660 m², and has 66 […]

North Space Gallery

The Espacio Norte Gallery emerged as part of the facilities of the Tecate University Extension Center in April 1988. The original idea arose from the renowned painter Mtro. Álvaro Blancarte together with the ceramist Salvador Magaña. In that same year, the first collection shown was the work of the plastic artist Dr. Rubén […]